11 Best PS4 Racing Games Worth Trying in 2021

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10+ Best PS4 Racing Games Worth Trying 2020

Console games are always demanding in the gaming market. There are quite a number of console gamers that exist throughout the world. And since people enjoy different genres of games, PlayStation has partnered with many gaming developers to launch some of the best popular console exclusive games to excite and maintain the quality of console gamers.

One of the most popular categories of games is Racing Games that are played by many players out there. Therefore, we bring you the best PS4 racing games that will excite you if you’re a fan of such games. 

Best PS4 Racing Games

Having a lot of gaming experience, this list was curated keeping in mind each and every aspect of the gamers. These games have a different concept and hence it’s understood if you don’t like them all.

So without wasting your time, let’s get straight to the point. 

1. Gran Turismo Sport

In the latest edition of the Gran Turismo series, the developers have done a fine job in creating the game. Gran Turismo Sports has intuitive gameplay along with a stunning visual outlook. The colors and the cars have a unique shine to them that looks perfect in the competitive racing modes of the game. 

Turismo Sport also consists of a multiplayer mode that takes competitive racing to the next level. If you’re looking for a better single-player gaming experience, this might not be a good choice. Car selection and customization are very limited in the Gran Turismo Sport. 

2. Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is yet another competitor in our PS4 racing games list. The game is not as good as the high-level competitors like Gran Turismo, but it doesn’t leave behind an aspect of racing. Players can engage in multiple real-life scenarios along with the windshield of the car getting blurred while drifting. The weather conditions are customized according to the surroundings which will engage the players in realistic action. 

Overall handling of the steering wheel depends on each car which has different attributes making your choice important if you want to win the game. The game is quite impressive in the series as it matches with the competitors. 

3. Gravel

Gravel is not one of the best racing games but no the worst either. The game can be termed as a “fun arcade racing game” but not when it comes to the competitive aspect. It is an offroad racing game that has quite simple controls including acceleration and braking using two buttons on the controller. The matches and races can be customized and the difficulty can be set from the settings of the game.

Gravel has a huge amount of tracks and map choices along with a number of vehicles to choose from. The highlight of the game is the off-road master mode which is suitable for any type of player being a casual gamer or a hardcore player. 

4. The Crew 2

This is not your ideal track racing game and might not be preferred by you. If you’re into both open-world and racing games, this game is perfect for you. The game allows you to complete missions in the story mode and engage in racing challenges that make your game time even interesting. 

The driving modes are not built for providing you an absolution racing game experience but again, it’s not a proper racing game. One of the places where the game lacks is the multiplayer mode. In 2020, players like to communicate and compete with players throughout the world, and with games like Gran Turismo, having a non-multiplayer game is a big downfall for the players. 

5. F1 2019

Formula one is probably one of the most popular and competitive games in our category. The design and handling of cars while driving can be adjusted from the settings and it gives you a solid real-like feel. The game has not much upgrade over the previously launched F1 2018 apart from the graphic improvements.

The game modes are almost the same with no changes and the career mode is engaging with interviews by the famous journalist Claire. 

6. MotoGP 20

Moto GP is a classic title having a huge fan base throughout the world. The game is focused on bike racing and for all the riders/gamers, this is a real treat. Understanding the game might be a bit tough in the beginning but you get the hang of it. There no initial tutorial so players need to play and learn everything on their own. 

The game has 4 modes including an online classic that lets you connect with the players worldwide and compete on a global level. Overall, it’s fun to enjoy the old classic racing with the new graphics. 

7. Wreckfest

As the name suggests, this game is filled with wreckage and destruction. While other games restrict or penalize you from crashing your vehicle, this game is interesting and filled with a lot of engagement. There are many modes to play with including the online mode that can connect players with some of the best players throughout the world.

The game has a lot of vehicles and customizable options that can be chosen from. 

8. Sonic Racing

Playstation is filled with some of the best arcade racing games including Sonic Racing. This is a different game in our category which is also termed as a “kart racing game” by some gamers. The game has a lot of modes players can choose from and the additional car boost is interesting too. 

Players can click a button to boost their speed and beat their competition by going ahead. The team adventure in Sonic Racing is something to be proud of and spend time with your friends.


Console players should try this game even though games like Gran Turismo is already available for PlayStation. Grid might not be the best in our series but it’s worth something providing the gamers solid gameplay and engaging experience. 

The game has some downfalls like lack of real-like handling but it does the job of satisfying gamers. It cannot be compared to the AA titles but it cannot be underestimated either. 

10. Need For Speed Heat

Heat is a good entry in the NFS(Need For Speed) series despite a couple of downfalls by the developers in the past couple of years. The game still lags some of the components and features that people expect from the creators.

While the handling and scenery switch is fun to look at, the game still has the forgetting open world scene which might be irritating for some people. We hope to see better games in the Need For Speed collection in the near future. 

11. Dirt Rally 2

Dirt Rally is one of the most popular simulation racing games in the industry. Living up to the hype of its predecessor, Dirt Rally 2 was launched for the existing player base. The developers have the training and tutorials very limited and hidden as they were targeting their existing audience.

Newcomers will have a hard time adjust to the game although the handling seems easy. The game modes will engage all the rally fans and won’t disappoint them at any cost. 

In case, we missed adding any good game to this list, then feel free to share your favorite PS4 Racing Games in the comments.

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